Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Journal Prompt #2

What were your talents growing up?
What are they now?

I'm not really certain that I had any specific talents growing up. I think I was pretty well rounded as far as talents go. I know for certain that I was good at talking, my mum always told me that I could talk the handle off an iron pot ... pretty mean feat if you really think about it! AND I've been told I was pretty dramatic, but didn't really do anything with that. I know that I had a natural inclination towards babies and children. I have had jobs as a nanny, in a daycare center and kindergarten, and as a primary/elementary teacher. I guess the two talents that sticks out the most to me though are teaching and photography.

As long as I can remember I have loved taking pictures. As a teenager I took photo's of my sister Samantha for her modelling portfolio. I have rolls and rolls of film sitting in a box and Mum and Phil's place that have never been developed, it was always SO expensive. Being a part of the digital age in photography is incredible, I love the ability to see my images right away, to be able to share them with others, and print as many copies of those images as I want, whenever I want. It is incredible. I love being a part of portrait photography and I think I have a pretty good eye for it most of the time. I love working with people, especially kids, and making people smile and being able to capture that moment in time, I think I do that well. I have a pretty good eye for capturing people at their best, for finding the most flattering angle to take a photo and composing a lovely image. I have a fair amount of patience, which is a definite requirement when it comes to working with kids and babies especially. Sometimes when I see someone or a situation I see it in my mind as a photograph. This can be a good thing and a bad thing; Bad because if what I see in my mind is REALLY amazing and I can't recreate it as I see it I get incredibly frustrated, Good because when it works out the way I see it I LOVE my work and get a real sense of achievement from it. Better still if the subject loves the image it makes it all the more worthwhile.

I loved my job as a teacher. I had the best year of my teaching career here in the US. I think teaching kids is definitely one of my talents. I relate well to them and know how to get down on their level ... maybe it's because I'm a HUGE kid at heart. Who knows!? I love it though. I really love all aspects of teaching; The planning and researching of topics, Assessing the kids and seeing their growth and potential, Celebrating the achievements with them and commiserating with them over their failures, Lifting their spirits and making them feel welcome and a part of in my classroom family. I am in contact with students who have told me that "Hands Down" I was their favourite teacher and the one who inspired them the most. THAT is an amazing feeling!! To hear words like that is something that would lift the spirits of any teacher and make them strive to be better.

Anyway, those are the two talents that stand out most in my mind as I write this. I'm certain that there are other things in my life that I am good at that could develop into talents if I practiced hard enough, who knows, maybe as my kids get older and I have a little more time I'll find something else that I am good at.

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  1. This is all very true Evette.
    But how about SCRAPBOOKING, doing your house up, basically ANYTHING CREATIVE, sewing as well is a talent you have.
    You are very patient, which is why we're probably mates;)
    Hey how did you do those hearts you put on your comment on my journal?