Saturday, November 27, 2010

Journal Prompt #10

Tell a funny story that has happend to you.

I think I must have been around 7 years old when this happened to me. I know I was at Waterlea Primary in Mangere Bridge, and it was before we moved to Mototapu Island, so my powers of deduction tell me I must have been around 7 years old.

There was one piece of playground equipment at school that ALL the girls wanted to play on, but it was first come, first play if you weren't out of class early you didn't get to play on the bars. I was going through a stage where I always wanted to wear a skirt to school, but flipping around on the bars in a skirt wasn't exactly lady-like. My friend Jenny and I had come up with a plan to be able to get to the playground first and insure our place to play, while still being able to wear a skirt to school. We would keep an eye on the clock in class and right before the bell would ring for play time we would slip a pair of shorts on under our skirts and take our skirt off and leave it in our desk. We had been doing it for weeks and had always managed to get a space on the bars. This one particular week I had been wearing shorts under my skirt everyday so as not to get into trouble from the teacher when I struggled into my pair of shorts. It was much easier just to slip off my skirt and run out the door! Unfortunately for me one day I had been running late for school and didn't have time to put shorts on under my skirt. I was so anxious to get out and play that I didn't remember not having shorts under my skirt and hurried and took my skirt off only to be standing in my underwear in the middle of class!! Totally embarrassing. I don't think I've ever moved as fast as I did trying to get my skirt back on. I think that was when I decided that wearing a skirt to school was highly over-rated and that I would be better off just wearing the shorts!

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    How come I've never heard this story?
    That's is CRAZY FUNNY.
    Like honestly, we dream it'll happen but it never REALLY DOES.